Track & Trace Solution TMS-X

TMS-X is a real-time product data tracking solution by QR code in the general Manufacturing Execution Management package MES-X, developed by VTI Solutions

  • Real-time product information update
  • Instant product traceability
  • Product origin searching accurately with QR code

Suitable for manufacturing industries that require strict traceability management

TMS-X: Function list

1Instant product traceability

Real-time product searching:

  • Current position of the product in the production process
  • Product status
  • Actual production quantity

2Product origin searching accurately with QR code

Display of detailed product origin with QR code:

  • Production batch number
  • Input materials
  • Workshop in charge
3Traceability record overview

Full display of product origin with QR code:

  • Generate and automatically update product traceability records on each stage
  • Provide visualised view of the product journey

TMS-X integrated in the Manufacturing Execution System MES-X

Manage the whole manufacturing process with a smart, integrated, and paperless approach