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Made-by-VTI product ecosystem
for factories

Improve productivity, optimise costs
Efficient and smart management system used by leading manufacturers in Vietnam & Japan


Productivity up


Cost down


Product quality up


Wastage down

Top 3 reasons why
businesses should choose VTI-Solutions

1. Flexible customisation

With a team of IT experts experienced in software development, VTI Solutions is confident to deliver product customisation upon customer requirements and industry specifications.

2. High scalability

Products by VTI Solutions can be deployed both on premise and on cloud, capable of scaling up in arccordance with customer’s business growth, maintaining or even increasing performance efficiency even as data volume grows.

3. Easy integration

Made-by-VTI products and solutions, researched and developed by VTI team, enable easy integration with customer’s existing systems (ERP, PLC,ect.), improvising an optimal synchronous management process.

Made-by-VTI solutions

Solutions for factory operation
across diverse industries

Suitable for a variety of manufacturing fields, customised upon business specialisations

Our partners

VTI Solutions is an official partner of the world’s leading technology corporations to develop and complement the product ecosystem for the manufacturing & retail industry