MMS-X is a smart device and maintenance management system in the general Manufacturing Execution Management package MES-X, developed by VTI Solutions

  • Real-time device and device status management
  • Proactive and efficient maintenance
  • Automatic error warnings

Advantages of MMS-X

60 %
Maintenance productivity
30 %
Operating costs
45 %
25 %
Production efficiency

MMS-X: Function list

Master data settings aligned with customer’s business specifications

1User management and authorization
  • Define user
  • Manage user access, ensuring data security
2General database definition
  • Device/Supply group definition
  • Component definition
  • Device definition
  • Periodic inspection definition
  • Maintenance staff definition
3Parameter settings
  • Maintenance and error property settings
  • General parameter settings
2Device profile management

Device assignment and status management

  • Maintenance data management
  • Maintenance predictions based on automatic calculations
  • Manufacturing data management → device performance and statistics

Device assignment procedure management

3Maintenance management

Maintenance management by requirements:

  • Periodic inspection: Scheduled maintenance and check-up requirements
  • Maintenance
  • Error Warning: System-generated warnings when errors detected
4Progress management and planning
  • Smart maintenance planning
  • Visualised progress management
5Maintenance via Mobile app
  • Easy and speedy device tracking
  • Maintenance request generation for devices in use
  • Maintenance task execution
  • Task report for Maintenance requests
  • Task report for Error Warnings
  • Task report for Period Inspection requests
6Reports & Statistics
  • Detailed reports on device status, production parameters, maintenance parameters
  • Maintenance statistics dashboards: MTBF, MTTR, MTTA, MTTF
  • Data gathering and reports on device status, operational status and machine maintenance statistics
  • Statistics on maintenance tasks, progress, device status and error details
  • Automatically generated purchase requisitions for supplies, devices and device components

MMS-X integrated in the Manufacturing Execution System MES-X

Smart paperless management over the entire manufacturing process with optimised integration

Flexible deployment On-premise & On Cloud

Diversity – Efficiency

Our Customers

Leading 4.0 market with MES-X: manufacturing digital transformation