About LCD Virtual Receptionist

Replacing human receptionist, providing a delightful smart reception experience, while managing visitors in/out and controlling the pandemic

  • The solution includes a front-desk LCD screen, integrated with the functions of automatic door locking/unlocking and body temperature measuring
  • Upon customer’s request, the solution is customised with 04 languages: Vietnamese, English, German, and Chinese

Check-in/Check-out process for certain guests with
Virtual Receptionist

1For expected guest
  • Step 1: Before visiting, guest completes a Health Declaration
  • Step 2: After being identified, guest scans the QR code attached in the invitation email to check-in
  • Step 3: Device measures guest’s temperature
  • Step 4: Once temperature is confirmed to be safe, door automatically opens for guest, and device sends a notice that guest has arrived
3For postman
  • Step 1: Device gives voice instructions to click the “Post” function
  • Step 2: Postman follows the instructions on the screen and moves to the back door