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FaceX is a smart attendance management solution powered by AI-based face recognition technology, pioneering a new attendance checking model: transparent, accurate, high-security and improved experience.

  • Enable smart face recognition attendance
  • Ensure safety from check-in
  • Transparently manage HR data
  • Manage attendance data by shift
  • Manage meeting rooms
  • Control access security


Smart face recognition attendance

AI face recognition technology researched and developed by VTI Solutions

  • Accuracy up to 99,97%
  • Speed: under 0,7 second
  • Capable of storing up to 20,000 faces
  • Anti-fraud attendance with photos
  • Support face recognition by multiple photos at different angles (straight, left tilt, right tilt, slightly raised, slightly bowed)
  • Automatically improve recognition accuracy over time (based on historical data self-learning)

safety from check-in

Contactless time attendance

Recognise faces with/without masks

  • Temperature measurement
  • Online health declaration

Recognise faces

  • Temperature measurement

Recognise faces with masks

Transparently manage HR data

Personal data management
  • Personal information
  • Account password settings
  • Accessible zones
  • Face recognition photo data
Real-time attendance tracking
    Employees and managers can track attendance in real time on multi-platforms:

    • Web application (CMS)
    • Mobile application IOS / Android
Attendance data management
  • Visualised charts on attendance statistics
  • Automatic real-time attendance statistics
  • Attendance photos review
Online management and approval

Manage and approve employee e-requests from anywhere

  • Late coming & early going requests
  • Remote working requests
  • Overtime working requests
Administration Decentralisation
  • Decentralised by companies
  • Decentralised by departments
  • Admin list management
  • Authorisation decentralisation
  • Employee list management
  • Employee list export/import by excel file
Buildings and working areas
  • Access management by building
  • Access management by room
  • Access management by door
  • Attendance devices management
  • Attendance points management by mobile via: GPS & QR code scanning
Data report export
  • Report export as Excel files
  • Data extracting and centralising on management systems: ERP, SAP, HRM, etc.

Manage attendance data by shift

  • Manage attendance according to company’s schedule
  • Manage attendance according to department’s schedule
  • Manage attendance according to individual’s schedule (e.g. working during pregnancy, taking care of newborns, etc.)

Manage meeting rooms

  • Manage meeting rooms
  • Schedule meetings and book meeting rooms

Control access security

  • Integrated with management control systems (doors, alarm systems, speakers…)
  • Integrated with swipe cards
  • Integrated with security camera system to detect strangers & emergency situation

FaceX’s scalability and integration

Explore FaceX’s unlimited scalability

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