What is Pick To Light?

Pick to light, also known as DPS (Digital Picking System), is a system that combines computers and alphanumeric display (usually, LED lights) modules to support picking processes in warehouses Warehouse employees just need to move to where the shelves are lit/display flashing lights and collect the correct quantity shown. This simplifies the process and makes it easy for any employee, newly hired or long-tenured, to perform warehouse picking tasks quickly, easily and efficiently. Pick To Light can also be integrated with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Supply Chain Management Systems, or other host systems to improve inventory management.
How does Pick To Light work?
Benefits of Pick To Light Applying Pick To Light to warehouse management can bring certain benefits to businesses in terms of cost savings and productivity
Difference between Pick To Light and Manual picking process

Manual picking process (based on checklists)

  • S1: Check List (items and quantity)
  • S2: Look for products
  • S3: Pick
  • S4: Check the selected row and compare it with the list
  • S5: Check the packaging

Pick To Light

  • S1: Pick
  • S2: Press the Confirm button
  • S3: Check the packaging
Pick To Light solution is suitable for all warehouses in all fields Pick To Light by VTI Solutions is a great choice for a smart warehouse management solution for businesses across various fields!
Manufacturing Pick To Light helps warehouse management processes in factories become more efficient
Logistics Pick To Light eases the burden of identifying the required items from the purchase order


Retail chains, especially supermarkets, can improve arrangement and selection of goods

and many other fields…

VTI Solutions is an ideal choice for any company looking for an effective warehouse management solution

Complete smart warehouse with VTI Solutions In addition to Pick To Light, VTI Solutions offers other effective warehouse management solutions geared toward a smart warehouse model, assisting businesses in improving their market competencies.

RFID technology

RFID – Radio-frequency identification scanning can automatically collect, store and manage data and integrate with manufacturing management software

Warehouse management system WMS-X

WMS-X provides an ideal paperless warehouse management system by encrypting warehouse input and output data, automating warehouse management operations, updating information in real time, and precisely tracking inventory

Manufacturing execution system MES-X

MES-X provides a visual overview through a single integrated information source, real-time monitoring, supporting administrators to update information and make timely and accurate decisions
Why VTI Solutions Managing inventory easily, proactively, optimally
Paperless warehouse
Manage and store warehouse operations data entirely on mobile/tablet devices, conveniently, visually, and precisely, replacing complex and error-prone paperwork
Manual data input and operations
Replace manual warehouse management tasks with automated processes: data collection, import/export, inventory counting...
Real-time warehouse management
Real-time management allows accurate input and output information recording of raw materials, finished products, and semi-finished products through data encoding via QR code
VTI Solutions can provide both stand-alone warehouse management solutions and integrated warehouse management solutions with other management systems, forming a comprehensive set of smart warehouse solutions